Shannon Towler is a Wellness Coach and Fitness Trainer with over
10 years experience in the field of Wellness. 
A California Certified Massage Therapist, she is a Graduate of The National Holistic Institute.  She has worked with Elite Athletes and Special Populations in her Therapeutic Massage practice.  Shannon applies her education in Kinesiology, Physiology and Anatomy to develop personalized programs that improve cardiovascular fitness while increasing strength and flexibility. 
In combination with her training as a Certified Yoga Instructor, she focuses on physical balance practices but also practices that develop neutrality of the mind through meditation and breathwork.  These techniques are designed to build strength from the inside out. 
Shannon also consults on nutrition. Applying the experience gained developing a community-based Food Co-Op, "FRESH FOOD FAIR," which focused on healthy pre-made meals, she coaches clients on improving, changing, or eliminating nutritional habits. 
Her philosophy is that Wellness is equal to the fulfillment of understanding our soul’s purpose.  When we are Happy, Healthy and Whole,
it's easier to see the way we can serve that purpose.