After Yoga
After Yoga

Need help focusing on your health through the holidays?

Struggling to end 2020
on a high note?

Need something that'll

get you laughing?

I got you, yo. 

Join the 4-Week


Just $25!

After Yoga

Starts Monday!

Here's How It Works

  • one

    Set Goals

    You'll customize your goals in 5 categories:
    - Exercise
    - Nutrition
    - Water

    - Trash Talk (Checking In)

    - Habit of Choice

  • two

    Rank Your Goals

    You'll assign different point values to your goals so you're incentivized to do the things you usually struggle to do!

  • three

    Do the Things

    Take your Points!

    You can earn points Every Single Day. No days off! Every time you meet a goal, take your points!

    And unlike the regular game? You're a team of 1 - it's every player for themselves!

  • four

    Win Bonus Points

    Watch for Pop-Up Challenges that appear at random in the private Facebook group. Complete the challenge, win extra points!

The player with the most points at

the end of the 4-week challenge is the winner!

Please note the Hierarchy of Habits is a *simplified* version of Get Fit Done that we do over the holidays! It helps us stay on track without being overwhelming, so we can enjoy all the fun of the holidays without sacrificing our health, progress, and fitness goals!

The 2020 Hierarchy of Habits Challenge begins

Monday, December 7th!

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