Ready to Get Fit Done?

Team up, set goals, and score points for doing
the things you know you should do - but don't. 

Play the online team fitness game that makes getting fit way more fun!

How Do You Play?

Every day you earn points for meeting your goals in the following categories: 


Earn points for adhering to the nutrition goal you choose!


Earn points for adhering to the nutrition goal you choose!


Earn points for drinking water!


Earn points for practicing a habit you choose!

Trash Talk


Earn points for  posting in the Facebook group!

Get Fit. Flaunt It.

Get buff and talk tough.

Lose weight and excuses.

Crush your goals... and the competition.

Getting in shape has never

been so much fun! 

The game harnesses the power of 

online social connection, team building and friendly competition to take you to 

the next level.


"For me Get Fit Done is nothing short of a personal miracle. I've struggled with weight, nutrition & exercise my whole life & have never been successful. This is literally the first time I have been able to follow a program and stick with it.


I lost 11 lbs & 8.5 total inches with ease and a gained a huge, new feeling of, 'I can do this!' I could not be more pleased. ”


"This entire game is so well-designed in a way that makes progress possible no matter what your beginning level of fitness! After playing 3 times, I am totally hooked."


"I have tried a LOT of different fitness programs, and this

has been the best by far. 

Why? It's a GAME!

Yay for getting points!

I honestly love this game and

think the idea is genious."


"I love Laura's game. If you play, your income will skyrocket and your sex appeal will be through the roof! It's just the right amount of competition to keep me interested & motivated. Get Fit Done keeps your shit tight."


Laura Flynn Endres has been serving

clients for over 25 years  as a coach, personal trainer, educator, public speaker, and entrepreneur.

She holds certifications in personal

training, senior fitness, mat pilates,  

and online personal training.


Her specialty is older adults and

people who hate fitness.

Created by Los Angeles personal trainer, Laura Flynn Endres

Raised in Illinois on Flynn's Irish Grove Acres, her family's 5th generation farm, Laura brings a unique mix of hard work ethic and Irish mischief to everything she does.


She and her husband Rob raised their two sons on the family farm before relocating

to Los Angeles in 2016,

Her favorite part of the game is the

silly "trash talk" in the Facebook group.

She is certain it'll be your favorite part, too!

Upcoming Events
Full Team (8) - $350
Game #15 starts June 22nd
Game #15 starts June 22nd
Attention Team Captain! Register a full team of 8 (including yourself), you play for free as a thanks for keeping everyone in line! *smile* Purchase this ticket if you have all 8 players ready to register.
Couple / Family - $75
Game #15 starts June 22nd
Game #15 starts June 22nd
Special rate for families! Team up with your partner, your parents, or your kids and get fit done together! Immediate family members only, please. (Max of 8 players per team.)
Single Player - $49
Game #15 starts June 22nd
Game #15 starts June 22nd
Team up with your friends and get your fit on together to crush goals AND opponents! (Need 2 on a team to play. Max of 8 players per team.)


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