• Laura Flynn Endres

Body Basics - Beginner Strength Training Workout A

Updated: May 2

You need to be doing strength training. Lifting weights and doing bodyweight exercises.

Yes, you. And you and you and you.

The benefits of strength training are too valuable to ignore, making strength training something you need to prioritize.

Notably, prevention of osteoarthritis as well as sarcopenia prevention.

The risks of osteoarthritis are real and potentially life-altering, and the way to keep strong bones is to incorporate weight-bearing strength training.

Sarcopenia is loss of muscle tissue.

Shockingly, we automatically begin to lose muscle mass in our 30's, even if we don't change our lifestyle. Muscle loss speeds up in our later years, especially if we are inactive, and sarcopenia is associated with frailty, falls, mortality, and difficulty performing daily living tasks.

It's harder to build muscle later, after years of inactivity. So let's start now! Build that muscle, keep that muscle, improve your quality of life for as long as possible!


You don't want to. I get it. So let's keep it simple.

If these two workouts are all you ever do, you'll be ahead of the game.

Ready? Let's begin!




First, warm up with a 5-minute walk and THESE MOVEMENTS.

Now, you're ready for Workout A!



Exercise #1

SQUATS - 3 Sets of 10 Reps



Exercise #2

PUSH-UPS - 3 Sets of 10